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Amazing New Mascara

Ever since I started using Charlotte Tilbury makeup, I have loved every single product I have tried. Basically, this brand has taken over my entire beauty routine and pushed all of my other favorites out of my cosmetics case.

Eyes are a big part of my makeup routine. Since I have pretty thin and understated lashes, I definitely need a good mascara to plump them up and give them some va-va-voom! I have loved the mascaras that are in the CT line, and since she just came out with a new one, you know I needed to try it!

The new mascara is called Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes and boy does it push them up! It’s amazing! Probably one of the best mascaras I have tried! The brush has very small tight bristles and it distributes the mascara pretty evenly among the lashes without clumping. I do want to note that the girl at the makeup counter told me to wipe off some of the excess mascara back into the tube before applying to my lashes directly. Since there is keratin in this formula, it is pretty “powerful” so you do not want to apply too much at once, but you can definitely build on it. Just use a little at a time.

Highly recommend along with any other of the CT eye makeup products!


Artis Makeup Brushes

Since I found these brushes, I basically pushed all my other makeup brushes to the side! I got these a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. They are luxurious and like nothing I have ever used before. The long ergonomic handle makes application super-easy. The extremely dense fibers apply any type of makeup smoothly and flawlessly.

You can use these brushes with powders or liquids. Also, they can be used on face or body. I use the Oval 7 for my moisturizer and concealer in the morning. I only need to use a little bit because your product will go a long way with these brushes! It smoothes on the concealer with a gorgeous flawless finish. Then I use the Oval 6 to contour my face with liquid or powder bronzer. The Artis brushes come in all different sizes for lips, cheeks, eyes etc. I find that you can really use them for anything… I am even going to try them with body bronzer in the summertime!

A bit of an investment but I got the set of 3 which was a good deal and I honestly can see a difference in my makeup application. Highly recommend!


Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Serum

The minute I began using Charlotte Tilbury products a few months ago, I fell in love! I literally love every product I try from the brand (and I have tried quite a few high end brands.) I will definitely share all the products I love in another post but today wanted to highlight Charlotte’s Magic Serum. It is a new skincare product. Super lightweight and goes on smoothly under Charlotte’s Magic Cream (another must-have!). This serum has a beautiful shimmer which gives skin a sublet healthy-looking glow which I love. Plumps my tired-looking skin and brings it to life each morning!


Hum Hair Supplements

I have always had very thin and fine hair. After my pregnancies, I noticed lots of hair coming out so I have tried several different kinds of hair supplements and I really love these by HUM. They are great tasting dummies and since I started them a few months ago my nails are super strong and I hav e lot of baby hairs growing back in! Woohoo!


Oribe Hair Products

These have been a game changer for me! The Dry Texturizing Spray & Dry Shampoo give my hair so much great volume! I also love the Gold Lust Shampoo & Conditioner. I have used many different salon shampoos and love this the best, hands down. It is pricey but a little goes a long way!

*Just an FYI, I have fine and limp straight hair so I need the volume. Another product by this brand might work better for a different hair type. All in all I love the brand.


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