Fun Fall Activity: Glitter Pumpkins!

This is my FAVORITE time of year and I just love doing cute fall & Halloween activities with the girls!

I have been making these glitter pumpkins with them for the past few years now and it is so much fun! They absolutely love it and the pumpkins come out beautiful!

I have used them for table centerpieces or to decorate around the house. You can definitely get creative with the glitter. Just remember to do this outside! It gets a little messy and you may wind up with glitter everywhere!

Here are the steps we do and some tips of my own!

Making Glitter Pumpkins

  • Gather your tools (I get everything from Michaels)
    • Spray Glue Adhesive
    • Glitter (at least two colors or more!)
    • Some type of cardboard box or egg crate to rest the wet pumpkins to dry (I like using an egg crate becasue it will collect the excess glitter and then you can scoop it up to reuse it!)
  • Wash the pumpkins you want to use to get off any excess dirt & let dry
  • Spray one section at a time with adhesive and then sprinkle on glitter
  • Allow to let dry and shake off any excess glitter
  • If there are lighter or bare spots repeat to make sure your pumpkin looks even
  • Get creative & Have fun!!



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